A Strategist's gift to the Greek People

A strategy to liberate Greece from her current tailspin and transform her into the new economic and political winner in Europe.

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General Principles of the Strategy

Conservation ...'there's enough for everyone if we just don't waste'–

A major feature of the entire Grand Strategy is a multi-front war on waste, not just waste of energy and resources, but also waste of human time, effort, and potential.

Feasible, Proven Feasible, 'with what you've got on hand.'

– Every action in the Grand Strategy is affordable and totally feasible, based on available established off-the-shelf technology. The entire Strategy is in line with Teddy Roosevelt's motto: 'Right now with what you've got on hand.'

Rejection of Principal Marxist Economic Error –

Not one of the Strategy's actions is based on the pernicious, erroneous Marxist belief which has been misleading governments and wasting money for over a century: that political solutions are achieved by taking money from A and giving it to B.

Optimization Beats Destruction.

If the post office (or the entire society) isn't working, the classic Marxist solution has been to burn it down and build a new one. The Grand Strategy says no, the way to improve things is concerted actions to tune up and optimize the systems you've got in place, performing the last undone five percent and finally get them running right.

Increased personal freedom –

The Strategy is designed to make Greece the country with by far the greatest personal freedom --- the first nation on earth with no jails--- and where citizens have access to almost all substances on earth without prescription or permission from anyone.

Increased personal opportunities for learning –

The combined actions of the Strategy add up to more and better education for the people in Greece. Losing one's job becomes an opportunity for more education and alternate income.

Increased prosperity –


Just one single action of the Strategy, making Greece a free port, will increase prosperity in Greece immensely and instantly and this will easily finance all the actions of the Strategy. The Synergistic Grand Strategy has a number of other actions which when combined will increase the general prosperity of Greece beyond anything any economist expects.

Alternate Paths

- A general principle of the Strategy: Don't replace things... Add alternate paths .

Last five percent accomplished

Most systems never get truly finished, and so never run anywhere near their capacity or ability. The Strategy derives a lot of its power from the fact that it is designed to do the last unfinished five percent in multiple areas, so that a small effort can make a great difference in efficiency in health, housing, transport, education, etc.

Action replaces planning

Plans take years, decades. The Synergistic Grand Strategy is just the opposite, a recipe for immediate action, a synergistic set of actions which can all be set in motion at once to create a gigantic 'tune-up' and optimization of all major aspects of Greek life.

'Magic' Cumulative Power of small actions

In the matter of mankind's war on waste, the Synergistic Grand Strategy obtains victory by means of many simultaneous small savings and improvements which add up to a large improvement even before one calculates in the impact of the synergy designed into the Strategy.

Synergy: where the total effect of a combination of items is much greater than one would expect from the effects of the individual parts


Synergistic Impact

- -  The carefully planned synergy of the actions of the Strategy is why it can create measurable improvement in the life of every Greek citizen and every visitor to Greece almost overnight.

Important Contributors

We're always blaming man, but what happens if you put a good man in a bad system? - August Fry

'There's enough for everyone if we just don't waste.' Peter Vaughn Adams

'Right now with what you have on hand.' Theodore Roosevelt


World Politics Actions

World Politics Action 1

Exiting the Union Effectively

The Grand Strategy includes exiting the European Union, dropping the Euro, and returning immediately to the World Court to ask for a judgment in Greece's favor concerning her debts. It also includes getting professional help in this matter from people who have already established their ability to deal with rapacious banks, the Icelanders.

World Politics Action 2

Creating Fukushima Rescue

There's no sense turning Greece into an earthly paradise if the entire planet goes down the tubes. The Grand Strategy has Greece taking the lead in solutions to mitigate and control radiation and stop it being dumped daily into the world's oceans. Building and piloting Liberty ships to bottle and isolate the radiation from the disaster area --- which until now they have been simply pouring into the sea.

World Politics Action 3 – Founding the Civilian Protection Coalition

CPC - The Civilian Protection Coalition - The shame of our age is the world-wide slaughter of unarmed civilian populations by extremely well-armed troops and planes. The Synergetic Grand Strategy assigns Greece a key role in organizing a coalition of nations to end these massacres at last and create real peace on earth. It can be accomplished and the Strategy points out how.

World Politics Action 4

Making Greece a Free Port

An overnight road to increased prosperity in the Grand Strategy is the abolition of import and export duties. It creates an immediate decline in the cost of living plus a huge increase in tourism and sales of merchandise to every land on the planet Greece becomes the Hong Kong of Europe overnight.


Financial Optimizations

Financial System Action 1

Replacing Income Tax with a Transaction Tax and a Permanently Balanced Budget

An evil system, the income tax encourages dishonesty, wastes incalculable days of human life, and creates great inequity.   The Grand Strategy replaces it with the T-Tax,  a fraud-proof way of collecting taxes. This lifts a huge load from the taxpayer's shoulders while guaranteeing fairness for all.  The T-Tax also creates an automatically-permanently- balanced budget with no more government borrowing required. Eliminating government borrowing will give the economy another huge boost as one hundred percent of tax collected goes to benefits for the citizenry instead of dividends to bond-holders.

Financial System Action 2

Replacing Credit Cards with Voice Accounts

An important action of the Synergistic Grand Strategy: banishing wealth-stealing credit cards from the Greek financial system.  A simple, foolproof, fraud-proof, theft-proof off-the-shelf voice-activated credit system will save Greek citizens millions a day from day one,  liberating all its citizens from the slow, constant financial bleeding created by cards issued by international banks and freeing them from all risk of credit-card fraud.

Financial System Action 3

Guarantee Banking Secrecy

  Privacy is not just a privilege, but rather a human need.  Gradually but surely banking secrecy has given way to pressure from the US and other forces.  The Grand Strategy includes Greece guaranteeing privacy of all bank accounts in the nation, which will guarantee all its citizens the personal privacy which has been attacked and destroyed everywhere since the onset of IT.

Financial System Action 4

Freezing The Debt – Seize the World Court

First step, the World Court in the Hague.  Demand the right to use money for Greek citizens instead of pay ing off bonds... as was demanded by Greece already in 1939.

Financial System Action 5

Paying Off the Debt (if obliged) Without Taking a Drachma from a Greek Pocket

Second step, if Greece loses its case at the World Bank and payment is still required, the Strategy foresees getting the Icelanders to negotiate a lower debt for Greece, then selling enough Greek passports to pay off the entire negotiated national debt. The increased freedom, fair and sane tax structure, and banking and personal privacy created by the Grand Strategy will make people willing to pay a great deal for a Greek passport. Benefits: paying off the debt this way bumps Greece's credit rating way back to the top immediately, and this brings 60,000 new wealthy immigrants to Greece, which will be yet another boost in the general prosperity of Greece. Most important, this action pays off the national debt without a cent paid by any Greek citizen.


Full Employment

Full Employment Action 1


While dozens of countries struggle with unemployment and the huge waste it represents, the Grand Strategy for Greece proposes a six-pronged program to totally eliminate unemployment. The first is the replacement of welfare and unemployment insurance etc. with scholarships. Anyone without a paying job is given student status which entails some involvement. Mere acceptance in a course and daily presence pays enough to live on, passing grades earn a bonus, and the better the grades the higher the bonus.

Full Employment Action 2

Federal Drivers & Economic Democracy

The Grand Strategy creates a checkered-flag transport system which creates work instantly for tens of thousands while improving the transport system in Greece tremendously, overnight.  Any citizen has merely to hang a checkered flag on his vehicle (of any kind) to become a taxi. This 'small move' actually is a turning point for it creates economic democracy for the first time in history, Greece becoming the first country where each and every citizen has a chance for a piece of the economic pie now held by cartels everywhere.

Full Employment Action 3

Federal Freelancers

In a further extension of economic democracy, the Synergistic Grand Strategy creates full employment in part through the Federal Freelancer program where all individuals can offer their services and be paid by the government for contributions to health, welfare, aesthetics, and safety. Painting, fixing, rebuilding, improving, etc. financed by the public servants and agencies who formerly collected taxes for the State now disburse funds generously to the former unemployed.

Full Employment Action 4

Federal Witnesses

The Synergistic Grand Strategy has a fourth solution for full employment in Greece - the Federal Witness option in which the former unemployed become law enforcement bounty hunting deputies or officers of the court who make effective pollution law enforcement possible for the first time.

Full Employment Action 5

Federal Hosts and Caregivers

The Synergistic Grand Strategy creates increased economic democracy by allowing all home and apartment owners to offer housing or home care in exchange for payment of a part of their mortgage or rent --- saving people from possible eviction while liberating many thousands from the dreary and sad institutional care in retirement homes and hospitals which are now their only remaining choice.

Full Employment Action 6

Replant the Planet

Under the Strategy all fairly fit formerly unemployed citizens in Greece can join the ICC, The International Conservation Corps, and get paid for going around replanting forests both in Greece and all over the planet. Greece becomes the leading planetary force for replanting and healing the millions of acres of forest damaged by greed and fire, and Greeks get to cover the globe as they have since time immortal.


Health & Well-Being

Health & Well-Being Action 1

The Sunshine Building

The Synergistic Grand Strategy includes a breakthrough in housing construction techniques and costs.  The Sunshine Building, designed to get maximum benefit from sunlight, uses a new construction method which make it the lowest cost quality housing on earth.  A systems building with moveable walls and partitions, it gives a freedom and flexibility to dwellers never before available in Greece... for example terraces which convert to interior space in cold months.

Health & Well-Being Action 2

Streamlined Health Care Via Federal Care Stations

Despite modern hardware, medical care is stuck in centuries-old traditional operational systems which are killing people needlessly and increasing the population's misery every day.  The Grand Strategy places a medical test center opposite every pharmacy in Greece open 24/7 giving faster and easier access to vital lab results and medical advice. Lives are saved, health care costs decline, and general suffering is reduced considerably from day one.

Health & Well-Being Action 3

All-size Drug Packaging

– A simple law requiring that all drugs be packaged in a minimum of 20 different size dosages will add only a few cents to the cost of each package of drugs but will save thousands of lives every year.

Health & Well-Being Action 4

- Better Nourishment for Everyone in Greece

Science says that you need five or six vegetables and fruit in your diet every day, but who can manage that with current systems?  The Grand Strategy includes an immediate improvement in nourishment, dining pleasure, and choice of food for everyone in Greece through the creation of National Buffets (salad bars) across from every MacDonalds and major fast-food outlet.

Health & Well-Being Action 5

Protection of Children

- The Synergistic Grand Strategy employs police to protect children in playgrounds and cart paths instead of chasing speeders. Why are adults protected from violent people their own age by the law while children are not?

Health & Well-Being Action 6

Remove All theTraffic Lights in Greece

-The Grand Strategy saves thousands from death and injury every year with a crash program to replace all traffic lights in Greece with overpasses, underpasses, round-abouts, circuses, etc. These transformations can be done quickly by teams of Federal Freelancers operating simultaneously in every city and town in Greece, converting Greece to the safest country on earth for both motorists and pedestrians.

Synergistic effects kick in with improvement in transport, reduction in pollution, faster point-to-point times everywhere in Greece, less petrol required per trip, less wear and tear on brakes and transmission, etc.


Optimizing Education

Education Optimization 1

Schools converted to Houses of Play

The Grand Strategy liberates all young students from today's prison atmosphere in schools by turning primary and secondary schools into Playhouse establishments on the model provided by the Casa del Gioco school in Renaissance Italy. Classwork is compressed into the morning hours only, with the rest of the day and evening devoted to sports, arts, dance, music, cooking, games, trips, etc. These activities are given huge amounts of time and effort compared to current schools.

This simple rescheduling transformation creates better health, stronger bodies, and more opportunity to develop their creative side and their own skills. They get out into the world far more,every day if they wish, and the world comes to them every evening.


Conservation & War on Waste

Conservation Action 1

Ban Appliance Standby

Save 11 percent of the electricity used by Greece - Turn off the incredibly stupid total waste incorporated into almost every electronic gadget, and make every Greek more prosperous in one day. Automatically reduces air pollution by around ten percent as well.

Conservation Action 2

Reducing Waste with A Wider Work Day

- Simply by rewarding companies which encourage employees to arrive and leave work on a wider schedule (flexible hours) the Grand Strategy immediately reduces pollution, energy consumption waste, and also reduces human time wasted getting to work, and so forth by dissolving traffic jams. 

Conservation Action 3

Fire-fighting Jet Fleet

> Entire forests disappear from the face of the earth regularly while 192 so-called 'modern' nations stand by 'helpless.' The Grand Strategy includes Greece building or purchasing a large fleet of fire-fighting planes of the latest jet-powered generation capable of saving forests in Greece and anywhere on the planet if called upon. Greece thus becomes the planet's first well-equipped standby airborne forest fire defense, and saves a tremendous amount of the planet's resources beginning immediately.

Conservation Action 4

– Turn off the Headlights in Cities

– Like France in the 1950s ban the use of headlights in cities and conglomerations. This single ordinance will save thousands of barrels of fuel every evening at rush hour, and reduce noise and air pollution all over Greece to a measurable degree.

Conservation Action 5

Switch to Intelligent Lighting


Europe looks grand at night from the air but how many of those lamps are burning on streets with no people or vehicles? How many in empty rooms, and empty office buildings, etc.? The waste is phenomenal, with energy being consumed which gives no human benefit at all. The Synergistic Grand Strategy includes converting almost all street lamps and most lamps in homes and offices to motion-sensitive devices which will switch off automatically when no-one's around. This conversion is off-the-shelf, easily implemented, cheap, and will make another measurable, perhaps huge improvement in energy conservation in a matter of weeks. Plus, tax breaks and subsidies to encourage switching over to LED lighting will bring the consumption of energy down significantly, and thus lower cost of living in a matter of months.

Conservation Action 6

Food Conservation Corps

– Nationwide corps of people working against food waste, retrieving excesses, canning, redistributing, etc. This is also an action towards full employment.

Conservation Action 7

  Andy Warhol stores

The Synergistic Grand Strategy proposes implementation in Greece of one of Andy Warhol's ideas... stores which buy anything. Since everything has some value, however finite... a nation-wide system of Andy stores will create a cleaner, neater, and wealthier country of Greece at little or no ultimate cost to the taxpayers.

Conservation Action 8

  Free Stores

- Already a reality in Canada, where they are a solid success. The government hires a small staff to keep the place in order and then anyone who has outgrown something or has no more use for something can drop it at the free store instead of at the dump. Broke? In a jam? Cold?You'll find almost everything you need, free, at the nearest free store.


Inspiration Actions

Inspiration Action 1

National Goal 1 : Cancer Cure

– Through subsidies, expansion of research labs and universities, hiring of foreign scientific talent, etc., the Synergistic Grand Strategy for Greece puts Greece in the race to find cures for cancer.

Inspiration Action 2

National Goal 2: Lead the World in Solar Energy

– Perfectly located for the research, Greece uses subsidies, expansion of research labs and universities, hiring of foreign scientific talent, etc., to put Greece in a good position in the world competition to free humanity from oil resources...

Inspiration Action 3

National Goal 3: Lead the World in Superconductor Research

When Greece becomes a champion in solar energy, the problem becomes how to sell excess energy to countries to the north. Superconductivity is a third area where Greece must subsidize research, etc. to gain a place in front of the pack in this exciting frontier of science.

Inspiration Action 4

Annual Competitions in 80 Fields

All of Greece's remarkable classical plays by Sophocles, Euripides, etc. were written for cash prizes, in a drama competition which lasted an entire week in Athens.   The Synergistic Grand Strategy revives this important tradition and adds competitions with huge cash prizes in virtually every field of artistic endeavor.  week-long drama competition, many sports and applied arts can be made public competitions... sculpture, painting, composition, dance, etc. Will provide a feast of beautiful performances every day of the year for spectators world-wide. TV rights will enrich Greece even further and pay the prize money.

Wonderful improvements in many areas of life, from greater talent in art (and thus a more beautiful environment) to mastery in sports (more success for Greece in the world Olympics)  and to better health for the nation thanks to generalized training for the events.


Inspiration Action 5

Inventor's Olympics and Other Olympics

Some important things will be free when the Grand Strategy is implemented, including free filing for patents in either Greek or English, a solution which will quickly make Greece world center for inventors and inventions. Annual international Inventor's Olympics with monumental prizes for the best inventions of the year will put Greece on the map once a year as a cradle and mother of innovation.
Conservation Action Synergy = open doors, standby discounts


Transport Optimization Action 1

Nationwide Shortcut Program

Campaign to shorten point-to-point distances by construction of myriad road and sidewalk shortcuts Federal Freelancers can do much of this construction all across Greece and render the Greek road system more fuel efficient and easier to use. Along the same lines, all one-way streets in Greece are changed to one-way priority streets, with one lane reserved in the opposite direction, which means point-to-point times and petrol consumption decrease all over Greece immediately.
Transport Optimization Action 2

Toll-free Greece

– This action takes mere minutes to implement and creates immediate lasting reduction in travel cost and travel time. It also means a big reduction in heat, noise, and air pollution in Greece overnight. It liberates people from one of the worst jobs in existence (toll-booth clerk) and gets everyone in Greece to and from work in less time.

Transport Optimization Action 3 Mountain Bike and Cart Trails

-- Nothing to build, no environmental damage, the Synergistic Grand Strategy just marks off thousands of miles of cart/mountain bike trails and suddenly Greece has an alternate road system which is safe, quiet, and inexpensive to use.

Transport Optimization Action 4

Earthplane Network


Off-the-shelf technology but used in an ingenious way to create a plane that can't crash. This transport is slower than a TGV, but it costs a tenth as much to construct and operate. Instead of taking ten years to build high speed rail you just set up an Earthplane network like a big child's toy set... it's all prefab. The resulting network has minimal environmental impact compared to high speed rail. . An earthplane network to cover Greece thoroughly will cost very little while transforming life for the better (and safer... and cheaper.)

Transport Optimization Action 5

'Last 40 minutes' law.

Synergistic Grand Strategy promotes a law requiring airlines to put up for sale all seats on a flight which are still empty forty minutes before takeoff, at cost plus ten percent. This simple optimization will bring cost of travel down yet increase airline profitability and efficiency considerably.

Transport Optimization Action 6

'All Doors Open' law.

Let us consider current airport madness planet-wide: each plane has between six and nine doors, yet we only open one for loading and unloading up to 500 people. Laziness? Stupidity? Insanity! The argument that using all the doors would be a security risk is nonsensical... but people have accepted it without a murmur for three decades of standing in stuffy airline aisles waiting to get off. The Synergistic Grand Strategy includes requiring that every door on a plane be open when it's loading and unloading. It's simple, it's right now with what you have on hand, but it will change travel to and from Greece every day of the year, making it more of a pleasure to arrive and to leave.


Quality of Life Action 1

Smoke tax

- The complex 'carbon tax' laws and deals are simplified by the Synergistic Grand Strategy into a simple smoke tax, calculated and collected by bounty hunters and by sensor-driven chimney-mounted and vehicle-mounted gauges which measure amount of smoke being produced.

Quality of Life Action 2

Noise Protection Tax-Collecting Gadget

– We only have five senses, but modern beings have four and one half. Two generations of deaf people of all ages, and no protection to date. Federal witnesses are step one, enforcing noise laws, but then you have to add sensors to all vehicles and all heavy machinery, and to all amplifed loudspeakers in public places. Available simple off-the-shelf technology will create a far quieter Greece with far fewer deaf people.

Quality of Life Action 3

Liberalized Scheduling

Great improvements in efficiency are created at zero cost by the Synergistic Grand Strategy simply by modifying age-old traditional schedules and time-tables to times reflecting reality rather than tradition. Museums and post offices open until midnight, pharmacies and federal health offices 24/7, libraries, gyms, and swimming pools open 7 days a week until 11 PM, etc... By spreading activities over a wider time frame one reduces crowding, traffic, wait time, etc. considerably. More waste eliminated.

Quality of Life Action 4

Free Museums, Concerts, Theater, and Dance

. Cultural events and museums have become cash cows for promoters in most countries on earth. The Synergistic Grand Strategy has a program to assure that the profit motive is toned down and abundant free concerts, theater, dance, etc. financed by the T-Tax are available to help the public get out of the house and into community action and participation without great expense.

Quality of Life Action 5

Annual July Fireworks Festival and Competition

Every year in July, three weeks during which each nightfall will be celebrated by fireworks in a different Greek city or area of Athens. Good way to increase tourism, to get regional charm known, and also to add excitement and surprises to the summer schedule. 21 nights, 21 teams competing, Greeks vote by Internet to choose winning team. Lottery-winner sized prize...

Quality of Life Action 6

Night Markets

Per the example of Thailand, the Strategy organizes night markets in every great town from 7 to 9 PM in which items below 100 euros in value can be sold tax-free.Besides making life a lot more fun for the citizens, these markets create an alternate (gray) economy capable of rewarding enterprise and resisting slumps in the regular economy and providing an additional action towards full employment.. 

Quality of Life Action 7

Pools, Fountains and Spas

This is a return to the past. Ancient Rome used three times as much water daily as does modern Rome. An important part of the Synergistic Grand Strategy involves bringing water into all cities and towns as fountains, pools, and drinking fountains to every corner in every town. Require all stands selling fruit to have running water sink for washing it.

Quality of Life Action 8


Promotion and support of the thermal sources in Greece, as both a health cure source and as a tourist attraction.

Quality of Life Action 9 

Beautiful Club Hellas Nationwide

A national project, easily financed by the T-Tax, builds 120 beautiful holiday villages all across Greece and makes Greece an even better traveler's destination virtually overnight.  The Club Hellas, a new application of the successful Club Med village format, will boost the economy further, and provide Greeks with access to cheap yet beautiful holidays all over the nation.



Government Optimization Action 1

Abolish the Presidency

The Strategy features abolition of the Presidency, rolling back government to the age of Pericles when true democracy existed.  Once again Greece must set the example of democracy for the world and lead all nations in a return to the basic essential form of democracy with no single leader making decisions for all.


Government Optimization Action 2

Addenum - No More Elections


 Ancient Greek democracy had no elections, as the court citizen-judges were chosen at random from the populace, and no president or leader needed electing, since for no such job was extant.  The Grand Strategy strikes dead the waste of money, noise, time, and effort behind the media circus called a 'presidential election.'

Government Optimization Action 3

Government by Randomly-Chosen Citizens

The Synergistic Grand Strategy rolls the clock back to 440 BC when the first true democracy used randomly-chosen citizen judges, enlisted for 100 days, to both serve as an alternate legal system for trials and lawsuits, and as a vehicle for legislation.

Government Optimization Action 4

Prisons Abolished


Government Optimization Action 5

Free Access to All Substances

Just roll back the clock to 1915, when you could purchase any substance on earth in a pharmacy.  Become the first nation on earth to dare to quit the Drug War which is a form of universal madness and the source of immeasurable suffering and injustice --- and set the example for the rest of the planet.

Final Thoughts

What mankind can mess up mankind can usually fix. The Apocalyptic mentality of our modern age obscures the fact that mankind has everything needed to create an earthly paradise right now. At many spots on the planet throughout history there have been golden ages for mankind, eras of peace and relative happiness. All that holds us back from this today is our loss of belief that it's possible. The Strategy not only reminds us that it's possible, but points out all the steps necessary to accomplish it.